Archive - Oct 18, 2003


Tilling aesthetics

Since most area farmers have changed to minimum tillage, meaning they try not to dig too deeply when working their fields--in order to preserve moisture as well as the structure of the soil--the fall scenery in the countryside has subtly changed. Instead of jet black plowed fields, the surface of the worked fields now bristles with dead soybean stalks, corn stalks, or grain straw. The dead plant matter catches the orange of the rising and setting sun, a nice effect, but it doesn't have the cleanliness and finality of a plowed field, the dramatic change from golden to black.

World Series....Yawn

After all the buildup for a possible Cubs-Red Sox World Series, a Fall Classic between the Yankees and Marlins is as disappointing as a big snowstorm that veers south. Yeah, its nice to have life be back to normal, uninterrupted by the stresses of baseball, but one misses the drama. To have the team that is supposed to win, win.....well, that's no fun. Especially when it is the Yanks. And the Marlins? Aren't they a USFL team? The only saving grace is Trader Jack McKeon, the cigar-chomping curmudgeon who manages the Marlins.