Archive - Oct 20, 2003



Harvest, for us, means digging up the trees and shrubs, shaking the dirt off their roots, and putting them into the cold storage building for winter. You want to wait as long as you can to begin digging trees without waiting so long that the ground freezes without you getting everything out. As a rule, we start October 20th.

This week's newspaper column:

Most farmsteads are lit up at night by a fluorescent yard light. When I moved to mine, it had no such light, and I have seen no reason to put one up. I really don’t care to have my yard bathed in an eerie blue glow.

The biggest benefit of a dark yard is the clear view one gets of the night sky. Several times this summer and fall I have stepped outside at night only to be startled by the sight of the Milky Way, the northern lights, and the glowing red dot that is Mars.