Archive - Oct 21, 2003


David Copperfield

My preference is for history. I can read fiction, but only if I suspect the events depicted have a firm basis in fact. My friend Lyla, knowing my debilitation in this area, is adept at suggesting fiction which might suck me in due to its historical content. She suggested Shakespeare’s Richard II last winter, and sure enough, I finished it, the first Shakespeare play I have read since college. Last week she suggested Dickens’ David Copperfield, and I have been entranced by it.

What's this weblog going to be about?

I write a weekly column for a handful of newspapers in northwestern Minnesota. All too often it is the only writing I do in a week. It seems I need an audience, even an imagined one, to motivate myself to write. And so, I hope to make daily entries into this weblog as a way of putting thoughts on paper on a daily basis. If anybody cares to read the entries, so much the better.