Archive - Oct 25, 2003


Winter Blues Warning in Effect

Fortified by 10 mg. of the antidepressant Lexipro each day, I am feeling pretty good. But at least three people I have spoken with over the past week report that they are struggling with the old black dog, depression. It is that time of year!

Good Old Days

Stopped by the offices of the Fertile Journal yesterday on an errand, and Twyla, their reporter, happened to be in. She had several huge volumes of old newspapers up from the morgue--newspaper jargon for the place where all previous issues are stored, and she showed me some old stories of interest, stories, she noted, which if published today would give great offense and would likely result in lawsuits.

October Dusting

Awoke this morning to a dusting of snow, the first of the season, the logical result, I suppose, of the strong, brisk winds yesterday afternoon. Tonight, as if on cue, we turn our clocks back one hour. Seems odd, since the sun sets at a little past six as it is. Tomorrow, after the change, sunset will come at a little past five, and winter will be here.