Archive - Oct 28, 2003


Round Robin

My father's siblings have, for as long as I remember, had a Round Robin. As a child, it would have been impossible to imagine that any family did not have a Round Robin! When the Robin came in the mail, it was a good day. If we went a long time without getting the Robin, somebody might call around to see who was holding it up.

The Round Robin is a circular letter which works its way from sibling to sibling. It contains a letter from each. When it comes to you, you take out your old letter and put in a new one.

Show and Tell

This weblog is a throwback to childhood for me. I recall coming home from elementary school and telling endless stories about my day, giving long character sketches about my teachers, friends, the janitors, the bus driver, everybody. Sometimes Mom and Dad were the victims. At other times, I spent the evening over at Grandma and Grandpa's house, boring them to tears, I am sure. Coming home from college was no different--hours and hours of stories about every professor, every friend I found interesting.

A Raw Day

The past two days have been foul in northwestern Minnesota. Near-freezing temperatures, snow, slush, and a raw, wet wind. This morning, I drove to Thief River Falls to speak to a Kiwanis group. Fortunately, the highway is still warm enough that it readily melts off the snow and slush. Driving was no problem. My voice, however, which is also raw from a cold, was very much a problem! They found a microphone for me, and it went fine.

The following column....

I wrestled a bit with this week's column. I won't be a bit surprised if some of the newspapers might consider it advertising and refuse to run it. Oh well.

But, there is much that is beautiful in our area. I just don't think many people see it! I always appreciate when somebody wakes me up to an aesthetic pleasure I have not previously noticed. I notice the red berries on the Red Splendor. I haven't always. Others notice other things.