Archive - Oct 30, 2003


The Country Drug

According the US Department of Health and Human Services, eighth graders in rural areas are twice as likely to have used methamphetamines than eighth graders in urban areas. The disparity between urban and rural students is less startling with other illicit drugs such as cocaine and alcohol, but with every illegal drug listed in the survey, rural eighth graders used more than their urban counterparts. I don't suppose anybody in the country has yet sent their child to an inner city school to get them away from drugs, but these statistics indicate it might not be a bad idea.

Serenity Quest

My correspondent BW used the above title for the email I quote in the last entry below. I find it apt, and more positive than talking about depression or winter blues. Serenity is what is missing from modern life. Modern American culture does little to encourage or value it.

Winter Blues, cont.

I am always interested in the methods people use to maintain sanity when hit by depression, and its evil twin, anxiety. The post below about the Winter Blues brought a wonderful response from reader BW:

A lull, and I sure hope it's temporary

After hauling the mailing promoting Off the Farm to the post office, it hit me that there is nothing more I can do. Four thousand copies of the book are on their way from the printer. Forty thousand fliers are waiting at newspaper offices, to be inserted next week. Now it is just to wait and see if the thing sells! I calculated today that I need to sell 1,700 of them to break even. Advertising costs as much as the printing, but you have to do it. I think I have made worse investments, but any lull in activity allows doubts to creep in...