Archive - Oct 31, 2003


Book arrives, stares at me from the next room...

Dick Richards of Richard's Publishing in Gonvick dropped off 3907 copies of my new book last evening. There they sit, about 50 boxes in the middle of the floor of the nursery sales room. I can't imagine selling that many at this point.

Instant Wealth

The Lunch Ladies of Holdingford (sounds like a novel) won $95 million in the Powerball lottery this week, a victory for barely-over-minimum-wage lunch ladies everywhere!

Now I will be eagerly awaiting the follow up report one year from now on what they did with their winnings, and how it has affected their lives.

There seems to be no greater test of character than a sudden windfall of unearned wealth. It seems to ruin the lives of many people so bequeathed, if previous follow up stories on lottery winners are any indication.