Archive - Nov 10, 2003


Monday, Monday

Foggy this morning, but warmer. I much prefer temps right around freezing with overcast to cold and clear--during the day, at least. When it is in the single digits, clear and windy; when you drive to town accompanied by those wisps of dry snow sliding across the highway, that's when winter seems like it will never end. A few drips off the eaves, a crow cawing from the treetop, a foggy morning, and a person can imagine its the end of March.

A book in a month?

This is write-a-novel-in-a-month month, according to somebody on the web who is trying to do just that. The goal for those who are devoting this November to producing a work of fiction is to write 1,300 words per day. That would result in a 50,000 word novel in the space of a month.

This is not such a dumb idea. Writing is more work than inspiration, and the biggest battle is sitting down and getting to work. Thirteen hundred words in a day is reasonable, and it just goes to show how just a little work per day will produce big results in a short time.

This week's newspaper column

Last week, a full moon shone on a still night when the temperature dipped slightly below zero. The snow on the ground doubled the brightness. On such nights, the outdoors looks like the middle of the day seen through a welding mask. Eerie, but beautiful.

Because of the moonlight, I didn’t need to turn on a light when I got up for a drink of water in the middle of the night. With no lights on, I spotted a buck grazing underneath the oak tree fifty feet outside the sliding glass door.