Archive - Nov 12, 2003


Word for the Day: Salubrious

Afternoon coffee-time discussion at the nursery today: I said I thought I would have some green tea. I have heard its effects are.... "Salubrious?" Joe piped up. Yes. Salubrious was the word I was searching for. But what does it mean? I thought beneficial would be a good synonymn. Joe thought healthful, and he ran to find a dictionary.

Ken, upon arrival of the dictionary: "They'll just use another big word to tell you what the first big word means." (Ken is our resident cynic. One of them, anyway.)

A Literary Attempted Homocide?

Spent last evening at my friend Lyla's. We solve the world's problems in the Red Nook, which is her study. Because we both read Dickens' David Copperfield in the last month, we discussed the characters as if they were family members.