Archive - Nov 13, 2003


Thursday dawns bright and sunny

Fresh snow, blue sky, sunshine, icicles, hoar-frost on the swamp willows. A sparkling winter's easier to get out of bed when the sun shines through the bedroom window...MPR at full volume doesn't wake me up if its cloudy...neither does a stiff cup of now approaching the bottom of a tin of Folger's...I suspect the grounds at the grounds of a tin lack freshness...I expect a good jolt tomorrow morning when I open a new tin...of Hazelnut!

Education reform

The state of Minnesota is once again revamping its education requirements--those mandates and orders from on high they hope will filter down to the classroom. After struggling for years with the ambiguous, bureaucracy-laden "Profile of Learning," a morass of fluffy ideas which confused more than it clarified, now the governor has put a traditionalist in charge who is going to require that kids memorize state capitals and know the Monroe Doctrine.