Archive - Nov 14, 2003



Most people don't realize that columnists have no control over the headlines newspapers put on their columns. Sometimes the headlines make me wince, other times they make the column more complete. Most of the time, I don't look. No matter what, I don't envy the editors who have to come up with headlines for my columns. It would be much easier if there were just a masthead with my name and "Down on the Farm" on it.

Close call

I just heard this morning (the electrician is here, and brought the news from town the old-fashioned way) that a local lady had a bullet come through her wall and bounce around her house last weekend. It passed only inches from her head. They found the hunter who shot the bullet, and he was pretty shook up over it. Makes you want to leave for the weekend. Or wear a helmet and a flak jacket around the house.

Hunters arrive

Last weekend, a dozen hunters (we call them the Waubun boys) hunted our land. They've hunted here 25 years. They know the land and always take a bunch of deer, although I haven't heard how they did this year. I just know that they dropped off a turkey in thanks for letting them hunt, as usual, which is appreciated.

Watching CSPAN2

A poor substitute for baseball, but it'll do. My friend Garth, a political junkie, called the other night to tell me there was a filibuster on the tube. So, I tuned in. Sen. Harry Reed (D-NV) had been on for seven hours. By the time I turned on the TV, he was reading from a book had written years ago about the town of Searchlight, Nevada. His purpose, of course, was to prevent any other business from taking place on the Senate floor.