Archive - Nov 15, 2003


More baseball notes...

The Twins traded their steady catcher A.J. Piersynski, to San Francisco. This was inevitable, given that phenom catcher Joe Mauer is chomping at the bit. But I will miss A.J.'s intensity, his ability to foul the ball off with two strikes, and his feeble looping base hits to left field. I really do look forward, though, to seeing Mauer develop. He has a sweet swing, he's great defensively, and--no small matter--he is a gentleman with the umpires. A.J. was not, and it worked against the Twins. Mauer, a native Minnesotan, is more smooth.

Steroids in baseball

The test results are in: a substantial number of major league baseball players tested positive for steriod use this season, even though they knew well in advance that they were going to be tested.

I have always suspected that Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds blasted their way past Roger Maris a couple of years ago thanks only to their use of "supplements." Barry Bonds in particular, a svelte player in his early career, all of a sudden became unnaturally beefy. Is it any coincidence that he also turned sullen, another effect of steroids?