Archive - Nov 17, 2003


Another good old church story rolls in...

Email correspondent BW sends another fun story of an old church that was kept up through the efforts of a dedicated former parishioner:

Hunting report

I promised a complete report on the success of my high school buddy and his suburban friends who hunted our land this weekend. Nothing much to report. They were shut out. All they saw was a moose cow and her calf. But they had fun, and we ate a lot of good food that they brought up. They also treated me to elk steak at the fancy casino restaurant on Saturday evening. A little tough, but very good. I have had elk before--but that was prepared by my Aunt Ede, who could make shoe leather taste tender and good if she had to.

This week's newspaper column

Maps are one of my favorite forms of literature. Or, perhaps they are art. The walls of my house are plastered with them. Maps are more pleasing to the eye than most art you can buy nowadays, and they often come in handy.

For years, my mother collected the maps out of the National Geographic. They accumulated in the dough box in the living room underneath the old magazines. I didn’t figure she’d miss them, so about fifteen years ago I stole them all and put them on the walls of my house.

One church saved

A woman named Judy Kotrba from near Thief River Falls called me earlier tonight with a heartwarming story. The church near near her home farm northeast of Grygla has been closed for forty years. It was falling in disrepair. When Judy's mother was dying, she said, wouldn't it be nice if the church was restored to its original condition.