Archive - Nov 4, 2003


Wild Rice Church

Planted a tree down at Wild Rice Church yesterday. It is several miles southeast of Twin Valley, a mile off the main road running to Waubun, right along the Wild Rice river. It was cold and windy. The spade crunched through a little ice on the way through the sod, but the digging was easy. Sandy soil. Good for trees.

4 wheel drive weather...Tucson beckons

Okay, its not that bad. I wouldn't have had to click it into 4-wheel drive to get over to the nursery this morning, but it was nice to have the stability provided when the front wheels pitch in. The roads aren't plowed, so the pickup billowed through the fluff. Fresh snow changes the sound of things, makes everything muffled. When I walked out of the Morton building after parking my pickup there, I got buzzed by a flock of low-flying geese, honking away, skimming underneath the low overcast, completely unruffled by the snow.


Its been huffing and puffing out all night. Snow pelting the window. Gusts of wind that seem to shift the house. The house cracks in the falling temperatures.

This morning, opened my eyes to an unnatural light in the house which means the ground is covered with white. The wind is from the north, so puffs of snow fall off the roof on the south side as if thrown down by an assistant on a set of a bad movie. Too much! Make it look more natural!