Archive - Nov 5, 2003


Book Business

Nothing more fun than selling books. Have had orders for 110 in the past three days' mail. Packaging them up and sending them out is a festive process.

This morning, I attempted to register the new book with Ingram Books, the supplier which sells to Barnes and Noble, B. Dalton and Waldenbooks. Ingram takes 60% off the cover price. No profit at that rate, but you have to be in those stores.

In line at the referendum

A referendum to pass a levy on property taxes for the Fertile-Beltrami school was held yesterday. Voting took place at the school. When I arrived, there was a long line to vote. Lots of jokes about getting flu shots, since the line looked a little bit like we would all get pricked at the front. After the snow of the past few days, I think it was a nice break for people to get out of the house and have an excuse to stand in line with people you seldom have a chance to talk to. I know it was for me. Talked to dozens of people. Lots of laughs.