Archive - Nov 2003


November 4th

4 wheel drive weather...Tucson beckons

Okay, its not that bad. I wouldn't have had to click it into 4-wheel drive to get over to the nursery this morning, but it was nice to have the stability provided when the front wheels pitch in. The roads aren't plowed, so the pickup billowed through the fluff. Fresh snow changes the sound of things, makes everything muffled. When I walked out of the Morton building after parking my pickup there, I got buzzed by a flock of low-flying geese, honking away, skimming underneath the low overcast, completely unruffled by the snow.


Its been huffing and puffing out all night. Snow pelting the window. Gusts of wind that seem to shift the house. The house cracks in the falling temperatures.

This morning, opened my eyes to an unnatural light in the house which means the ground is covered with white. The wind is from the north, so puffs of snow fall off the roof on the south side as if thrown down by an assistant on a set of a bad movie. Too much! Make it look more natural!

November 3rd

Science, Uncertainty and Serenity

I don't worship science, but I sure enjoy it. Anything which sheds light on how little we know automatically has my ear. For every major discovery made by scientists, it seems that a whole new world of the unknown is opened up.

November 2nd

Saving churches (this week's newspaper column)

A couple of years after closing its doors, a local country church held an auction recently to get rid of the tables, chairs, pews, fixtures, anything movable of value, in preparation for the destruction of the building.

Country churches have been closing at a fast pace for the past twenty years. It usually is only a couple of years after services stop before the building falls.

Gassing up in Twin Valley

Most gas stations around here have cleaned up their act to the point they are antiseptic. Spotless uniforms, clean floors, bright lights, every last bit of wall space covered with "product." It's fun to see well-run businesses, but it is also fun to find a place where the past lives on, like the BP (formerly Amoco) station on the north end of Twin Valley.

Pumpkin Patch

The annual Pumpkin Patch celebration in Twin Valley, a meatball dinner benefit and variety show for the Nursing Home auxillary, was held in the Twin Valley high school gym last night. At least a couple of hundred people were in attendance.

November 1st

A subtle time of year

Just drove to town and back, and was reminded of how much I enjoy the scenery this time of year. At times it is dreary, at other times it is rich and subtle.

Off to the Pumpkin Patch...

Brother Joe and I are headed down to Twin Valley tonight to their Pumpkin Patch community celebration in the fire hall. We will switch off playing piano for a while during the dinner, and then sing a couple of tunes during the variety show. It is a fundraiser for the nursing home. They serve hundreds, and most stay for the show, which can verge on the outrageous. A full report will be posted here tomorrow.

The fun of good firewood

I keep a little woodstove burning in my basement which keeps the upstairs floor cozy warm, and heats the whole house until just before sunrise, when the furnace kicks in. I don't get up in the middle of the night to stoke the fire like my Dad does. Add a few years, and I probably will.

Dad has cut enough fire wood to supply his house and mine for years. It is stacked on pallets inside the Morton building at the nursery. Every couple of weeks during the winter, I drive in there with my pickup and load up.