Archive - Dec 1, 2003


Blaming the victim

In response to the two recent abduction attempts, one successful, the other not, I have heard more than a couple of mumblings about how young girl dress so skimpy these days, what do they expect? My response: Even if they walk around naked, that is no excuse for some neanderthal to club them over the head with a blunt object and haul them back to his cave.

Evidence found in turkey incident

The exchange of the replacement turkey went off without a hitch this morning. I parked behind Uncle Orv's van at the predetermined spot in town. He spotted me in the mirror and came back to my pickup to deliver a bag containing two Cool Whip containers. They are safely locked away until tomorrow's scheduled delivery to Aunt Olla.

Have you started packing yet?

No. I am planning to leave for Arizona at the end of the week, so I will start packing the morning of departure. I have not yet figured out how people can start packing for a trip a week, or even a day, in advance. Don't you need the things you are packing to function in the meantime?

Last year, I took too much stuff. Extra stuff. Stuff I didn't wear. Stuff I didn't use. Feels stupid to load all that stuff back into the pickup before you come home again. What was I thinking when I packed that?

Turkey crisis resolved

Although the perpetrators of the turkey theft on Thanksgiving day have not been caught, the healing process has begun. Aunt Ede is bringing some turkey and dressing in Cool Whip containers to town today. She will be parking at an agreed-upon location, near where she has an appointment. I will come to town and take the turkey and dressing from her vehicle, and stow them away until tomorrow morning when I take them down to Aunt Olla's. We are taking every precaution to avoid a recurrence of the turkey theft.

This week's newspaper column

The attempted abduction of a teenaged girl in Fertile, MN, my hometown, one week after the disappearance of Dru Sjodin from the parking lot of Columbia Mall in Grand Forks, has people people around here on edge.

The world, even the small-town world, is a dangerous place, and always has been. Recently, I was shown an account in the local paper nearly one hundred years ago of a girl who was etherized and raped by a railroad crew which passed through town.