Archive - Dec 11, 2003


Food on the road

Last night, I found a Japanese restaurant in Castle Rock. Very good, better than the Chinese restaurant earlier in the day. I was the only customer, and the entire staff greeted me in Japanese as if I were a long lost friend.

Tonight, I wanted some New Mexican fare (New Mexico has its own cusine separate from typical Mexican food.) Asked the desk clerk, and he pointed me to the El Sombrero, just across the freeway.

A day spent a mile high or more

Set out before dawn from Castle Rock, CO and headed south on I-25. Watched the sun rise on the snow capped mountains around Colorado Springs.

The border between Colorado and New Mexico is smack dab at the top of a mountain pass. That is usual up north, where the continental divide often forms the border between states, but the border between CO and NM is a straight line, drawn on one of the latitudinal lines--so, its an odd geographical coincidence that the highway should cross the border right at the mountain pass.