Archive - Dec 14, 2003


Beautiful day in Tucson

I just drove downtown to the University neighborhood, and took a long walk (in shorts and t-shirt) through the campus to the library, where I am enjoying high speed internet access. But what a stunning afternoon. Upper 60s. Slight breeze. Deep blue skies. Mountains visible at the end of every street. Palm trees, eucalyptus trees, the elegant gnarled mesquite trees, a couple of trees blooming yellow, pansies blooming in the flower beds, college kids playing catch with baseballs and footballs, all of the red brick buildings set aglow by the setting sun.

Getting inside the monster's mind

What goes on in the mind of a monster? The two beasts at the forefront of the national consciousness right now are Saddam Hussein, captured last night, and Alfonso Rodriguez, Jr., the suspect in the kidnapping and likely murder of University of North Dakota student Dru Sjodin.

Saddam’s crimes are on a larger scale, but I suspect the mental workings of a murderous tyrant are the same as those of a psychopathic rapist like Rodriguez. They live by twisted rules. They show no apparent remorse for the suffering they cause.