Archive - Dec 2, 2003


No news news conference

Grand Forks officials called a news conference for 11 am to discuss the latest developments in the Dru Sjodin case. As far as I can tell, they had absolutely nothing to say. We cannot comment on that at this time. That is part of our ongoing investigation. We remain committed to finding Dru. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

They also refused comment about any possible relation between the case in Grand Forks and the case in Fertile. I really didn't detect anything new at all, which calls into question why they bothered to hold a news conference.

A good law that didn't work this time...

Alfonso Rodriguez, arrested last night in connection with the Dru Sjodin abduction, was a convicted sex offender who was labeled "Level 3," which means he was likely to reoffend. He had been in prison for well over a decade before his release last May. At that time, law enforcement held meetings in Crookston, where he was to reside, to warn the locals of his presence amongst them.


What a night for stargazing! Perfectly clear. The half-moon obscured some of the sky with its bright light, but the constellation Orion showed up clear half-way up the eastern sky when I went outside with the binoculars ten minutes ago.

Arrest in Crookston

Email correspondent BW alerted me just now that an Alfonso Rodriguez Jr., age 50, was arrested in Crookston tonight in connection with the Dru Sjodin case. He is a recently-released sex offender. Police had apparently been watching him for several days and were confident enough that they had their man to know that he had no connection to the case here in Fertile. Chuck Haga is on the case for the Star-Tribune.