Archive - Dec 20, 2003


Moss and the media

Randy Moss doesn't talk to reporters. This makes reporters mad. They then write nasty things about Randy Moss. Their chief criticism? That Randy Moss only talks to the media when he wants to, which is seldom. They go on to criticize his play, which is a stretch, since he is the best player in the NFL, but they do so anyway and imply that they wouldn't criticize him so much if he would just answer their questions.

Philosphical implications of astronomy

As I was leaving the planetarium a couple of nights ago, an undergraduate college girl said to her boyfriend, "I don't, like, understand how these guys can study the stars and all that without, like, freakin out philosophically." Her boyfriend grunted. She went on, "I mean like they say 'oh the sun's going to burn out' and 'this star's going to blow up'--I'm like--wait a minute!"

The boyfriend didn't get it. He mumbled something about the sun not burning up for 50 million years, so it really doesn't matter.