Archive - Dec 25, 2003


Baseball on Christmas Eve

Turned on the TV last night and found Tim Russert interviewing four Hall of Fame catchers on CNBC. It was a fun hour of television. Yogi Berra was joined by Johnny Bench, Carlton Fisk and Gary Carter.

Fisk is one of my favorites. He is a patrician. He played baseball like George Washington rode a horse, with a regal air. They called him the "human rain delay." Every game Fisk caught took on the feeling of a slow processional. In fact, research shows that games caught by Fisk took, on average, twenty minutes longer to complete than the average game.

Spaetzels for Christmas

To the extent that we have family traditions at Christmas, one has been to eat German food. My mother is all German, so we often have ribs, sauerkraut and spaetzels (boiled bits of dough). However, since Mom, Dad and I are in Tucson, they took me out to a German restaurant for our Christmas Eve meal. The spaetzels were delicious.