Archive - Dec 28, 2003


More on northern lights noise

I just checked on the internet, typing in the term "audible aurora borealis." Seems that the discovery I outlined below is recent enough that it hasn't hit the internet yet, for there are webpages galore attempting to explain why northern lights make noise that is simultaneous with their flashes.

Serious scientists postulated the following possibilities:

--Some sort of radio waves react to people's fillings or inner ear.
--The phenomena is purely psychological, even though it shows up in Eskimo lore from centuries past

Why we can sometimes hear the northern lights

If you're getting sick of astronomy, just scroll down!

I went out to the Tucson Amateur Astronomy Club's viewing site tonight, about 15 miles west of Tucson in a remote part of the desert. I went there last year as well, and was treated to some good views on the many telescopes. Tonight there were fewer scopes set up; the moon is at 25%, which blocks out a lot of the more remote objects, and scares off the astronomers who don't want to stay up late enough for the moon to set.