Archive - Dec 3, 2003


Turkey delivery completed, finally

The delivery of Aunt Ede's turkey to Great Aunt Olla went smoothly yesterday. She dug right in. Olla had some great-tasting custard pie she had made on hand (making the pie nearly killed her, she forgot the sugar, so mixed it in after the pie was hot in the oven), so I snarfed down a couple of pieces of that. A favorite. The trip to the Felton Cafe was canceled, as Olla's cold is proving to be quite stubborn. It it tougher when you are 92 yrs. old.

One more Twin hits the road

LaTroy Hawkins has signed with the Cubs. This is a loss. LaTroy has been with the Twins for 13 years. He turned his career around when pitching coach Rick Anderson changed his pitching motion. Suddenly he picked up a few miles-per-hour on his fastball and became nearly unhittable. I would rather they kept LaTroy and let Eddie Guardado go. I still don't trust Eddie, as much as I enjoy watching him.