Archive - Dec 4, 2003


The abduction saga continues

Last night, our company party bus passed through the main area of the search for Dru Sjodin. In Crookston, the Northland Lodge had "Our thoughts are with you Dru" on their sign. Yesterday, between 1300 and 1700 volunteers searched for Dru in the vast fields between Grand Forks and Crookston. Yesterday's search focused on the back road from Crookston to Grand Forks, a road many people from this area use to get to Columbia Mall.

Nothing was found.

There's a lot of people who want what we've already got

Neighbor Jim, who rents my farmland, came over this morning for some papers to sign. A philospher-farmer, Jim always has a few good stories to tell.

One from this morning: Following a reunion with some high school classmates, Jim was a little blue, thinking he could have done a little more with his life, perhaps. The old "just a farmer" thoughts.

Company party

Last night was the annual Bergeson Nursery Christmas party. I decided we needed a little change of pace, so we went to Sander's restaurant in Grand Forks, my favorite. The Sander's crew did not disappoint. We had a grand time.

Started with calamari (squid) and goose pate as appetizers. Then they brought a copper container of clams to each table. We ran out, they brought some more. And some sauteed mushrooms. A Greek salad, then the main course. Prime rib was the big favorite. Some had salmon, others had chicken.