Archive - Dec 6, 2003


This week's newspaper column

We backwoods hicks are finally up there with the big boys now that we have street signs on every corner out here in the hinterlands. The signs just went up this fall. We finally know where we live.

The authorities should know that intersection of 480th Street and 320th Avenue sure could use a stop light. I came within a quarter mile of hitting a neighbor who was hauling a load of hay the other day.

Blogging on the road

Am headed off to Tucson late this afternoon. Weblogging (that's what this form of journalism is called) will be dependent upon the quality of the hotel phone connections. Sometimes you just can't get online with a hotel line.

The weather is foul here. March-like. Cold, with a strong south wind. Despite the south wind, there is no indication that the temperatures will improve anytime soon.

Winding things up in cold country

It always takes some time to get off the ground to head to Arizona. The cold weather slows me down to a crawl, and then there is that nagging sense that there is still something I need to take care of but I am not sure what. Then I realize that I am just trying to make myself seem important--what will they do without me? Ha, they'll have more fun and get more done. I am referring to my employees. And probably the whole town. Equally absurd in each case.