Archive - Dec 9, 2003


Guardado gone

Friend Mark from New Jersey called this afternoon on the cell phone. He was stuck in traffic in Jersey, and I was stuck in traffic in Denver. He had just heard that Everyday Eddie Guardado signed with the Mariners.

Rapid City to Castle Rock, CO

What is it about these hotel check-in people--when you ask for a room, they start staring at the computer screen like it is the first time they've ever checked anybody in. Then they tap, tap, tap on the keyboard for fifteen minutes, and act sort of surprised when it all goes through, as if I am supposed to feel fortunate that their system worked.

Ahem....never mind that Fertile abduction thing

Well, it hasn't hit the web yet, but I called back to Fertile and they had announced on the news there that the Fertile abduction was a hoax. All you can say is: whatever. Good thing it was a hoax, of course, I do feel sorry for the girl. I recall how little judgment I had at that age, and I was just plain lucky that I didn't do anything that stupid. I had the imagination for it.

In fact, I might have done something that stupid, but you'll never find out about it.

Winged Migration

While channel surfing in the hotel room (funny, I never watch TV at home, even with 200 channels, but put me in a hotel...) I ran across what I thought at first was a typical nature documentary.