Archive - 2003


December 9th

Rapid City to Castle Rock, CO

What is it about these hotel check-in people--when you ask for a room, they start staring at the computer screen like it is the first time they've ever checked anybody in. Then they tap, tap, tap on the keyboard for fifteen minutes, and act sort of surprised when it all goes through, as if I am supposed to feel fortunate that their system worked.

December 8th

Ahem....never mind that Fertile abduction thing

Well, it hasn't hit the web yet, but I called back to Fertile and they had announced on the news there that the Fertile abduction was a hoax. All you can say is: whatever. Good thing it was a hoax, of course, I do feel sorry for the girl. I recall how little judgment I had at that age, and I was just plain lucky that I didn't do anything that stupid. I had the imagination for it.

In fact, I might have done something that stupid, but you'll never find out about it.

Winged Migration

While channel surfing in the hotel room (funny, I never watch TV at home, even with 200 channels, but put me in a hotel...) I ran across what I thought at first was a typical nature documentary.

Hint, hint, hint--

Just read a story in the Grand Forks Herald online edition about the abduction in Fertile. The crux of the story was that the county attorney was going to announce some details this afternoon.

Rapid City

I wrote yesterday that I-29 from Fargo to Sioux Falls might be the least-used segment of the whole interstate system. I have changed my mind. It is I-90 from Sioux Falls to Rapid City. For much of the drive, I saw nobody in my review mirror.

December 7th

Heading South

SIOUX FALLS, SD: Good to get on I-29 going south of Fargo, probably the least-used stretch of interstate highway in the United States. Sioux Falls is a logical stop before I decide whether to head south to Tucson, or go west to Rapid City for a little scenery.

Fell for a billboard promotion of Microtel Inn and Suites. When I got to the room, I found out why they call it Microtel. It is the smallest room I have seen this side of the Atlantic. All flourescent lights. Polyester pillows. Cheap bedspread.

December 6th

This week's newspaper column

We backwoods hicks are finally up there with the big boys now that we have street signs on every corner out here in the hinterlands. The signs just went up this fall. We finally know where we live.

The authorities should know that intersection of 480th Street and 320th Avenue sure could use a stop light. I came within a quarter mile of hitting a neighbor who was hauling a load of hay the other day.

Blogging on the road

Am headed off to Tucson late this afternoon. Weblogging (that's what this form of journalism is called) will be dependent upon the quality of the hotel phone connections. Sometimes you just can't get online with a hotel line.

The weather is foul here. March-like. Cold, with a strong south wind. Despite the south wind, there is no indication that the temperatures will improve anytime soon.

December 5th

Winding things up in cold country

It always takes some time to get off the ground to head to Arizona. The cold weather slows me down to a crawl, and then there is that nagging sense that there is still something I need to take care of but I am not sure what. Then I realize that I am just trying to make myself seem important--what will they do without me? Ha, they'll have more fun and get more done. I am referring to my employees. And probably the whole town. Equally absurd in each case.

December 4th

The abduction saga continues

Last night, our company party bus passed through the main area of the search for Dru Sjodin. In Crookston, the Northland Lodge had "Our thoughts are with you Dru" on their sign. Yesterday, between 1300 and 1700 volunteers searched for Dru in the vast fields between Grand Forks and Crookston. Yesterday's search focused on the back road from Crookston to Grand Forks, a road many people from this area use to get to Columbia Mall.

Nothing was found.