Archive - Oct 2004

October 30th

Down to the wire

Nobody seems to know which way the election is going to break, although many people are making predictions. There are 33 different scenarios which would throw the election into the House of Representatives.

If the Electoral College vote is tied 269-269, the House would decide the presidency with each state having one vote. That means North Dakota would have the same say as California. The Republicans control 30 of the House delegations, so it is likely Bush would win.

October 29th


It rained like crazy tonight. Went over to Lakeview for supper and it was like a blizzard--both ways. The house is wide open and getting wet. I guess what happens will happen. Maybe the 2x4s will get a little gray, who knows.

THANKS for the help on the bolt problem! The general consensus solution was to use threaded rod, and that's what we're going to do. I ended up finding 6 inch lag bolts on the internet. They were UPSed from Illinois this morning.

October 28th

Running in circles

My day started in Grand Forks, where I was searching for 3/4 inch bolts 20-inches long. Their purpose is to hold the giant beams in my house in place. Nobody had any, and several people informed me that I wouldn't find them.

So, I came home in defeat. I spent the late morning and early afternoon talking with the log home company to see what I should do, and calling various lumber yards to see if they had big bolts. None did. We need 3/4", and even Home Depot only has 1/2".

October 27th

Red Sox win

In an anti-climactic victory, the Boston Red Sox completed a sweep of the listless St. Louis Cardinals tonight at Busch Stadium in St. Louis. The World Series was a flop. Only the first game had any drama. The rest were runaways.

So, the Red Sox nation be celebrating throughout New England tonight. I suspect many people will be hung-over at work tomorrow.

October 26th

Red Sox on the verge

Listened to Game 3 on the radio on the way home from Fargo tonight. No contest. Pedro pitched well, the Cardinals were dead in the water, and now the Red Sox, barring a collosal collapse on the order of the collapse suffered by the Yanks only days ago, will soon end their 86-year World Series drought. There will be some craziness in New England if and when it happens!

Tonight, I went to the Great Northern restaurant in Fargo where I spoke to the Fargo Garden Society. There were a surprising number of familiar faces. Had some very good salmon steak.

October 25th


That's the word I would use to describe myself today! Even though the sun shone, I was a bit sloggy and so were the students. They yawned. They looked depressed. I tried to rev them up, but it was to no avail. Only a few times did the light flicker on.

Oh well. Tis the season. As we swing into the cold months, everybody gets a little bit slow. I have observed in past winters that everybody seems to get a bit crabby with the change of seasons.

October 22nd

Drippy and dreary

Rained much of the day in Crookston where I was teaching, but when I got back to the nursery, I found out that it had held off until 4:30. So, Joe and Ken got a full day of digging trees in, and the carpenters made some progress on the house.

I was able to stand on the second floor today for the first time. What a view! Of course, it there will be walls impeding some of the view, but there should be enough windows to see quite a bit. I have never lived in a house with a full two stories of height.

October 20th

Red Sox win

Good finally beats Evil, although the Red Sox, with their $150 million payroll, may be a dubious representative of Good. Still: anybody who opposes the Yanks is good by default.

If the Twins would have beaten the Yanks and had gone on to face the Sox, they would have robbed the Red Sox of their golden opportunity for sweet revenge against the Yankees. So, I suppose if the Twins had to lose, allowing the Red Sox to beat the Yanks wasn't a bad way to go out.

October 19th

Red Sox amaze

I have been watching the score on ESPN with the sound off because I am busy preparing for classes tomorrow. The game between the Sox and the Yankees was not on my satellite dish, but I did listen to the ending on the radio.

Amazing. Curt Schilling pitched injured, only threw hard when he had to, and tamed the Yankees. There were two controversial reversed calls by the umpires, both to the detriment of the Yanks.

Red Sox revive

Boston beat New York last night in 14 innings. No team has ever come back from a 3-0 defecit to win a seven game series, but the Red Sox have a chance. It is good to see former Twin David Ortiz pound the ball.

Oh, to be in Fenway last night for the game. Every baseball fan should see one game in Fenway Park in their lifetime. It isn't so much the park itself--although it is perfectly charming--it is the fans. They cling to every pitch with a tenacity unequalled elsewhere in the baseball world.