Archive - Dec 10, 2004

A bearable existence

Sometimes The Onion comes up with something painfully hilarious. Oh, and some bad news for workers here. And for kids here.

Sawing firewood

I haven't sawed a lot of firewood in my life. The little I have burned, I have filched from Dad's supply. But the Swamp Castle is going to use a lot more, so I have started sawing.

The lengths can be almost four feet long. I enjoy that. It is easier to stack firewood which has some length to it. I am working on some of the wood felled this summer to make space for the house.

Swamp Castle at the Tyvek stage

Two milestones in one day: first, we have reached the Tyvek stage. That is when the house is shrouded in the materiel called Tyvek, which keeps wind out while allowing moisture to escape.

Second, the first dozen or so windows went in. Ken and Joe hauled the windows out to the building site in several loads. By the end of the day, light was coming in where light hadn't come in before.