Archive - Dec 12, 2004

When blizzards fizzle

It was supposed to be stormy today, and the wind is blowing something fierce, but no snow is coming down, and the loose snow that was floating around last night stuck in place when the temperature rose above freezing yesterday afternoon and evening.

The rise in temperature, however temporary, made quite a difference. Visibility is good this morning, even with wind gusts headed up towards fifty miles-per-hour.

UPDATE at 12:30 p.m.: Now the snow is coming down and the visibility is plummeting. I guess we'll have a storm after all.

Koskie pretty much gone

Looks like the Toronto Blue Jays are going to win that battle for Twins third baseman Cory Koskie. That is unfortunate. I suppose you can't blame Koskie for taking $19 million instead of $8 million.

Koskie has a difficult time living up to his potential because he is injured a lot. He had a bad wrist last year, and that cut down on his homers. He was out a while this year, and I forget why, but he was productive when he did play. He also has a tender back. He plays in pain all of the time.