Archive - Dec 15, 2004


Determined to break my own record for stupidity without the benefit of steroids, I headed out on the ice (yeah, I know) with the skid steer loader. Actually, the story isn't that simple--I was originally just going to clear a path down to the ice so I could go out there and cut firewood. With my pickup, not the skid steer.

Blogger down, the program which runs this website (the best way I can think of to describe it) was broken down for the better part of the past day, thus the sparse postings--for you regulars who wondered if I had fallen and couldn't get up.

In fact, I do have a problem along those lines. More on that later tonight. But right now, it is off to Hitterdal, MN to sing and play with brother Joe for their Lion's Club Christmas program.

Time flies

...when you're having fun. I just spent the last five hours on school work without a break. Normally my attention span is about twenty minutes.

First, I corrected the tests I gave to my American History students today and calculated their grades. I didn't add a number. I looked at their test grades, the grade on their papers, and gave them the grade I thought they deserved. This method was to their benefit, believe me.