Archive - Dec 18, 2004

Lion's Club party

Joe and I played for the Fertile Lion's Club Senior Citizens Christmas party this afternoon. I am always surprised to find out that somebody local reads this weblog, and today it was Margaret who said, "We keep up with you!"

Here's a picture to surprise Irv.

Also, here is a shot from last night's sunset which includes oak, and I think gives you an idea why I enjoy December sunsets so much.

Valley pictures

Yesterday, I took the back roads home from Grand Forks. It's lonely out there in the valley.

I went through Climax at about coffee time. I think this must be an old schoolhouse--if anybody knows, let me know.

This scene is typical of December around here. The corn stubble always glows in the late afternoon sun. By spring, it has faded to a dull tan.

Mac starts

Dad put new oil on the Mitey Mac after it thawed out and it started right up with a couple of coughs. So, that little crisis was resolved without much damage.

It was a beautiful afternoon yesterday, so I was in a picture taking mood. Winter features more textures and patterns than bright colors. I always enjoy groves of poplar. Did you know that a grove of poplar such as this one is really one organism connected by a network of roots?