Archive - Dec 4, 2004

Crazy Swamp Castle ideas

As we proceed on the house, I get more ideas, many of them nuts. For instance, I have seen those nice tile waterfalls that you can buy so you have a little water trickling in the background. The water dribbles over three tiles.

I got to thinking, why not cover an entire wall with layered tiles and run water down them into a trough?

Canadian Brass

Tomorrow is the annual Bergeson Nursery Christmas party. I didn't know what to do for the party this year. We had so much fun last year when we rented a bus and went to Sander's restaurant in Grand Forks that I didn't know what to do for a follow-up.

Well, there came a pamphlet in the mail advertising a Canadian Brass concert in Bemidji. I bounced the idea off bookkeeper Cindy and my parents, and they thought that would be fun, so we went ahead with it.

Happy Birthday, Elaine!

Elaine, one of the early and most faithful readers of this weblog, is turning 75 tomorrow, December 4. Happy Birthday, Elaine!

Now, I would tell you Elaine's last name, but I have hesitated to use last names on this weblog. I wonder why. I guess I am sort of scared that since this weblog is available to the whole world (whether or not they avail themselves of it) that some calamity could come down upon the head of somebody I mention here in too much detail.

Civil War and the Reformation

I am not implying they are connected in any significant way, except for that I taught about them both today. It is a lot more fun teaching about something I have actually learned before. It has been twenty years since I took Church History from Mr. Charles Herman at Northwestern College in Roseville, but it comes back.

There are so many fascinating human stories in the Civil War, stories which get buried by the textbooks as they race from one event to another, alotting a paragraph for each.