Archive - Dec 7, 2004

Teeth, etc.

Went in for the six-month checkup and tooth cleaning today. That's exhausting, no matter how well it goes. My shoulders get all tense. Those instruments hit the sensitive spots and make 'em scream. I had x-rays, so I gagged on the cardboard thing which the farthest back.

They have an ultra-sound tooth cleaner now which apparently loosens the plaque. Then there is the jet scrubber which shoots baking soda mixed with cold water at the tooth. Wow, does that cause a howl.

Winding down

The semester is coming to an end. In American History, we are finishing up the Civil War, touching a little bit on the sobering era of Reconstruction. In World Civilization, we managed to get Columbus to the New World and we'll stop at that. In American government, we are spending a little time on "America's place in the world."

State representative Bernie Lieder agreed to come to my government class on Wednesday, so the students are looking forward to that. They have questions about issues that concern them, and I told them not to be shy.