Archive - Dec 2004

December 20th


Went to Red Lake Falls this morning to pick up more parts for the wood stove. The sun came out about half way there. Today is supposed to be beautiful, and then things are going to deteriorate in a hurry again, reverting to yesterday's form.

At Tilden Farms, just south of Highway 2, I saw this scene. I like the colors of the willow (orange) and the dogwood (deep red).

December 18th

Lion's Club party

Joe and I played for the Fertile Lion's Club Senior Citizens Christmas party this afternoon. I am always surprised to find out that somebody local reads this weblog, and today it was Margaret who said, "We keep up with you!"

Here's a picture to surprise Irv.

Also, here is a shot from last night's sunset which includes oak, and I think gives you an idea why I enjoy December sunsets so much.

Valley pictures

Yesterday, I took the back roads home from Grand Forks. It's lonely out there in the valley.

I went through Climax at about coffee time. I think this must be an old schoolhouse--if anybody knows, let me know.

This scene is typical of December around here. The corn stubble always glows in the late afternoon sun. By spring, it has faded to a dull tan.

Mac starts

Dad put new oil on the Mitey Mac after it thawed out and it started right up with a couple of coughs. So, that little crisis was resolved without much damage.

It was a beautiful afternoon yesterday, so I was in a picture taking mood. Winter features more textures and patterns than bright colors. I always enjoy groves of poplar. Did you know that a grove of poplar such as this one is really one organism connected by a network of roots?

December 16th


Butch didn't come--he's retired--but his son Tim, who took over Butch's backhoe business, did come to help pull out the Mac.

By this morning, the Mitey Mac looked pretty frozen in. Tim arrived about nine-o'clock.

Hitterdal Lions

Last night, Joe and I drove down to Hitterdal to play at their Lion's Club Christmas Party. It was a fun bunch.

They tuned the piano for us, even! They said that according to the writing inside the piano, the last time it had been tuned was 1929. Let's hope this isn't a sign that the market is going to crash again. Doggone it, every time we tune that darn piano...

December 15th


Determined to break my own record for stupidity without the benefit of steroids, I headed out on the ice (yeah, I know) with the skid steer loader. Actually, the story isn't that simple--I was originally just going to clear a path down to the ice so I could go out there and cut firewood. With my pickup, not the skid steer.

Blogger down, the program which runs this website (the best way I can think of to describe it) was broken down for the better part of the past day, thus the sparse postings--for you regulars who wondered if I had fallen and couldn't get up.

In fact, I do have a problem along those lines. More on that later tonight. But right now, it is off to Hitterdal, MN to sing and play with brother Joe for their Lion's Club Christmas program.

December 14th

Time flies

...when you're having fun. I just spent the last five hours on school work without a break. Normally my attention span is about twenty minutes.

First, I corrected the tests I gave to my American History students today and calculated their grades. I didn't add a number. I looked at their test grades, the grade on their papers, and gave them the grade I thought they deserved. This method was to their benefit, believe me.

December 12th

Blow, blow thou winter wind

Mrs. Olson had us sing a musical version of the following Shakespeare poem in high school. In fact, the poem has been put to music many times. I couldn't help but think of it today, as the wind sped upwards of forty miles-per-hour:

BLOW, blow, thou winter wind,
Thou art not so unkind
As man's ingratitude;
Thy tooth is not so keen,
Because thou art not seen,
Although thy breath be rude.
Heigh ho! sing, heigh ho! unto the green holly:
Most friendship is feigning, most loving mere folly: