Archive - Jun 2004

June 30th

Summer stuff

Beautiful weather! The past two nights I have been invited to BBQs with friends. That's summer stuff. Mosquitoes were there, but not too bad. Brats--I could eat them every day, I think.

As the sun set last night, we tossed an oversized beach ball back and forth as my friends' eight year old jumped on the trampoline and tried to get high enough to hit the ball as it passed by. I think we did that for an hour. Cable Lake was perfectly still by the time the sun went down. We sat around a fire for a while, but then the skeeters got too bad.

June 29th


Attended the above movie this weekend in Minneapolis. It is a silly little flick which takes some irreverent pokes at the self-satisfied, self-centered claptrap which passes for religion in the suburbs these days.

June 27th

Where are you all coming from?

Every now and then I check in to see how many people are visiting this weblog--for the past couple of months, about 120 of you have checked in each day. Thank you for that!

Twins win

Saw a good game at the Metrodome Friday night. The Twins beat the Brewers by 6-3. Or so. When I attend a game, I seldom am able to keep track of what is going on, much less remember the final score. There is too much other stuff to see!

June 24th


I am heading down to the Cities to catch some Twins games for the weekend. I have decided not to take my laptop--that's part of a vacation, being away from being connected--so, I will not be blogging this weekend. Enjoy the great weather!

Third rate burglary

Joe called me at home from the nursery last night. He had just gotten home from the Cities and had walked into the office to find things strewn about. A backpack with some of his sound equipment was gone. A few rolls of coins were gone from the drawer under the till. The change box where people make their own change when they buy pop was moved, and empty. And one of the idle tills was sitting in the middle of the office floor with a hammer next to it.

June 23rd

Disease season

June is when spots show up on leaves. They usually do no harm, but blemishes on plants alarm people and make them want to spray something to cure it. So, the phone rings all day with various complaints. Some of the questions are obvious enough, but many of the problems have no cure, and no need for a cure. In fact, one gardening expert extimated that 99.5% of the spraying gardeners do is wasted.

June 22nd


Tim the backhoe man came today and removed all the stumps at the house site. I thought it would take him two days. He got there at 1:30 and was gone by supper. It was like he was cutting through bread.

Tim makes watching the backhoe a spectator sport. He takes after his Dad Butch in this regard. It is like they have nerves running through the entire backhoe.

So, the big stumps are buried. Now it is to get the area up to grade. The scraper man is coming later this week to start on that project.

June 21st

Clearing project

Finished the unpleasant task of sawing down trees for where my house is going to be today. My arms are tired from four solid days of chain-sawing. The unpleasantness comes from the guilt of sawing down old oak. I managed to save the grandest ones, but some pretty nice ones had to go.

I then pounded down some stakes and put ribbon around the perimeter of where the house will stand. The project is taking shape. Later this week, the backhoe is going to come to remove the stumps.

June 19th

When the switch flips

When dealing with the public all day, I try to maintain equanimity. People are interesting. They come in all shapes and sizes. They all try the best they can, even if they all aren't always pleasant. Each is playing out his or her life in their own way. Everybody has their share of pain. Try to make their day better, even if they don't seem to want to have a good day.