Archive - Sep 2004

September 30th

Turning colder

After a few sterling fall days, it sounds like we are going to get some cold. Today there was some mist. Tomorrow is supposed to feature a high in the forties. Oh well.

They are scheduled to pour the slab in the morning. I won't be there. I will be giving tests up at UMC. It will be fun to come home and see what they got done--if they are able to pour.

September 29th


Yesterday, I left at about 2 pm to drive down to Willmar to speak to a garden club. What a beautiful day for a drive. It couldn't have been more perfect. The colors were good, the sky was an impossible blue, the waters were pristine, the temperature was cool and the air was clear.

I arrived an hour early, ate some Burger King, and then walked around a historic park in Willmar. The park is situated on an island on one of Willmar's lakes. Trails ran through enormous old woods. It seems that the bur oak there grow 30 feet taller than they do up here.

September 27th

Long Monday

Taught one class this morning, then drove from Crookston to Thief River to speak to a group of retired teachers, then back to Crookston to teach government class. A rushed day. I had agreed to speak to the retired teachers some time back, then forgot about it--until they wrote to remind me. In between, I took the teaching job.

So, I hope they don't mind me missing a class. It seems quite common for teachers to cancel class. The students met anyway to review.

September 26th


Drove in to the house today and saw a big furry thing on the driveway. Decided it was a porcupine. Friend Lance, always ready with his Nikon, snapped several photos of it as it climbed high into the oak tree. Didn't know they climbed, and I didn't know they live around here.

As it climbed the oak, the porcupines spines scratched against the bark. You could tell it wasn't fur.

September 24th

Getting ready for Santana

After writing a column about Johan Santana, I am pretty sure I jinxed him up good. I am worried that tonight will be an off night for him--he's overdue for one--and that all of his streaks will collapse. But I am not going to miss a pitch of the game!

Tonight's game has meaning--at least for Santana. He could win the Cy Young award if he does well. Otherwise, it is a little disappointing watching the Twins after they clinched the division--they're playing the B Team.

You just hope they get their edge back by playoff time.

September 22nd

Time flies when you're having fun

Even though it was a dreary, drab day, teaching went well, so that means it was a good day. Tiring, but good. And it went fast, like this entire fall.

Covered all of Classical Greek civilization in World History class today--what a joke. It is a joke because 1) I know so little about it 2) there is so very much to know and one day is not enough 3)our ancestors spent years learning about Classical Greece. Greek civilization was considered basic. Now, we ignore it.

September 21st

Drippity dew

More rain, mostly drizzle. It didn't stop the concrete men from working on the foundation walls. They are setting up styrofoam insulating forms which will stay after the concrete is poured.

The plumber/electrician came out to go over the plans. Then we had a meeting with the concrete man to go over time-tables, etc. It is quite important to get things in place before the concrete is poured, of course. It is almost frightening.

September 20th

Twins Clinch Division Title

No surprise. The Twins clinched the Central Division title for the third straight year. It was a formality. There was no way they were going to lose it in the last week--the White Sox weren't even close.

Now, they must get themselves lined up for the playoffs. In the first round, they will face either the Red Sox or the Yankees. Neither will be easy. It will be only a five game series. I like the Twins chances, as long as they can get Santana and Radke lined up to pitch the first two games.

September 19th

Santana sails

Pitching poetry. Spent the afternoon watching Johan Santana make the Baltimore Orioles look foolish. I was angry when Gardenhire pulled him after eight innings. Good grief, let him go for the complete game shutout. He had 14 strikeouts over eight innings--and had struck out five straight batters when they pulled him.

September 18th

Footings poured

The cement trucks came at 5 o'clock last night, accompanied by a majestic boom truck which pumps the cement up 60 feet and drops it down through a PVC tube wherever the cement men want it. Man, was that slick. I guess the boom truck costs over half a million dollars. However, I bet it is a popular device. Better than a wheelbarrow.

The footings took 18.5 yards of cement. When the first truck ran out, there was some discussion whether the second truck would contain enough cement to finish the job. There was a little to spare, but not much.