Archive - 2004

November 16th

Guzman to Washington

Christian Guzman signed with the Washington team, which is moving from Montreal and is thus still called the Expos. It was a pleasure to watch him play shortstop this year. He had a great year in 2001 as well. Somehow, though, he lacks the drive to use his tremendous physical talents. I wouldn't mind seeing him get it together and succeed--he could be an inspiring ballplayer--but I fully agree with the Twins' decision to let him go.

Guzman to leave Twins

The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports today that shortstop Christian Guzman is prepared to sign with the Chicago White Sox.

Last year at this time, I would have said good riddance. Guzman seemed incapable of playing hard. He was moody. Just when he looked like he was getting it in gear, he would slack off, make a stupid error, fail to lay down a bunt.

This year, he seemed to grow up. He played a very steady shortstop. His range was very good. His arm was back in shape after an injury two years ago.

November 15th

Big thundercloud from July

Here is a picture I took last July just west of my house. I saw the enormous thunderhead out my window on a Sunday evening and jumped in my pickup to take a picture. Warning: It a larger photo, so it will take a bit to download.

Fosston Library

Read from my books and played a little piano at the Fosston Arts center this evening in a benefit for the Fosston Library. Nice crowd. It went quite well--and I sold over 40 books! That alone is enough to make one's day.

November 14th

Lights at Menard's

Spent some time shopping at Menard's today. I was looking forward to looking around to get ideas for the house, although the only thing I was planning to purchase was a wire brush.

Well, after I found the wire brush, it wasn't long before I got dizzy and sort of spacey from the flourescent lights. They drive me nuts! Same thing at SuperTarget, Hope Depot and any other huge store with those blue lights--I get completely screwed up, even nauseated, after about 10 minutes.

November scenes

Here we are, mid-November, no snow, and a beautiful warm day today. I took a couple of pictures for those of you who don't live around here. They were taken along Highway 102 between Fertile and Crookston.

The first is of what I thought was an old town hall. It is not, however. It may be an old general store. If any of you know what this building was, please let me know. It is in Onstad township, but the actual Onstad Town Hall sits just a few hundred yards away.

November 13th

Sterling weather

That's the best word I can come up with to describe this wonderful November we have been having: sterling. Clear days, crisp evenings, weather to savor. Just cold enough so the indoors feels good after 4 p.m.

Fewer hunters on the farm this weekend. Just a few shots this morning. Doesn't feel as much like a war zone as it did last weekend. I spent much of the morning trying to plan the kitchen in the Swamp Castle. Made some progress on the note pad with little squares.

November 12th

Santana wins Cy Young

Twins' pitcher Johan Santana unanimously won the American Cy Young award, it was announced yesterday. Santana, who lives in his small village in rural Venezuela during the offseason, was summoned to the presidential palace in Caracas today. It took Santana one hour to get to the nearest airport, where a small jet picked him up and brought him to the capital. Here is Johan with President Hugo Chavez earlier today.

Another Swamp Castle picture

Here's a picture I took at sunset tonight.

The high beam is one of four in the loft, the middle beam is over the staircase to the loft, and the lower beams run across the living room. The carpenters are relieved to have these in place.

November 11th

Pickup in the woods

Last winter, when I was driving up the coast of California, I wanted to include this picture in the weblog but didn't take the time to learn the technology. Now I know the technology, so I will include the picture. It is my Ford Ranger in the big woods.