Archive - 2004

November 11th

Spaghetti feed at Aunt Olla's

Aunt Olla has been planning to have a spaghetti feed for about a year. She even ordered special spaghetti forks--which, she claimed, were worthless. The feed was for "all my living relatives still in the area."


Now that I know how to post photos online, I can't resist putting up some of my favorite photos from the past couple of years, since I started with digital photography. If there is a slow news day--and thankfully, most of my days are slow news days--that's what I'll do.

The first photo is of Niagara Falls.

November 10th

Mt. St. Helens

While I am at it, stretching my internet wings, here is a link to a live view of Mt. St. Helens that I look at a couple of times per day. If the image is grainy and multi-colored, that means it is dark in Washington.

Swamp Castle in progress

Several of you have requested that I post some photos of the house. That require me to learn how to do that, which requires that I read directions, which requires a discipline that I only rarely possess, but which for some reason--perhaps it is the sun lamp--that discipline has appeared this morning.

You can see the nursery buildings in the distance, across the swamp.

Cousin Anne's weblog

Cousin Anne, who designed this webpage, has started a weblogof her own which documents the move she and her husband recently made from the suburbs of Washington D.C. to Idaho. Browse through the archives for some spectacular photos!

November 9th


Dan Gunderson of Minnesota Public Radio stopped by this morning. He is attempting to record people telling stories. He thought that I might have some stories to tell, and I made some attempts, but I am not as comfortable talking into a microphone as I am writing on a computers, so I suspect it came off as a little stilted.

November 8th


I have been groggy for the past few days. I read in the newspaper that symptoms of SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, have been worse this year due to a relatively dark fall.

November 7th

Northern Lights

I just stepped outside and saw the most staggering display of Northern Lights I have ever witnessed--greens, pinks, etc.--sheets of dancing light straight overhead. Wow. If any of you read this in the north tonight, please step out for a show!

November 6th

Election aftermath

So, John Kerry went down in flames. Yes, he was flawed, but did the Democrats have anybody better?

George Bush has the qualities Americans seem to like in their leaders: Moral certainty, self-confidence and backslapping bonhomie.

Frankly, I don't think sharing a meal with either Bush or Kerry would be very interesting. But that's not relevant.

November 5th


I gave tests to all three of my classes today. There was the usual round of last-minute excuses. About six people didn't show. I don't know what they are planning. It will be difficult for them to pass if they miss a test.

Over all, though, there were some encouraging signs. Some people increased their scores dramatically.