Archive - 2004

October 20th

Red Sox win

Good finally beats Evil, although the Red Sox, with their $150 million payroll, may be a dubious representative of Good. Still: anybody who opposes the Yanks is good by default.

If the Twins would have beaten the Yanks and had gone on to face the Sox, they would have robbed the Red Sox of their golden opportunity for sweet revenge against the Yankees. So, I suppose if the Twins had to lose, allowing the Red Sox to beat the Yanks wasn't a bad way to go out.

October 19th

Red Sox amaze

I have been watching the score on ESPN with the sound off because I am busy preparing for classes tomorrow. The game between the Sox and the Yankees was not on my satellite dish, but I did listen to the ending on the radio.

Amazing. Curt Schilling pitched injured, only threw hard when he had to, and tamed the Yankees. There were two controversial reversed calls by the umpires, both to the detriment of the Yanks.

Red Sox revive

Boston beat New York last night in 14 innings. No team has ever come back from a 3-0 defecit to win a seven game series, but the Red Sox have a chance. It is good to see former Twin David Ortiz pound the ball.

Oh, to be in Fenway last night for the game. Every baseball fan should see one game in Fenway Park in their lifetime. It isn't so much the park itself--although it is perfectly charming--it is the fans. They cling to every pitch with a tenacity unequalled elsewhere in the baseball world.

October 17th


With the Twins' season over, I watched my first couple of quarters of football tonight over at friends Garth and Colleen's. It looks like the Vikings have a good offense again. It was fun to watch Moss do his thing. Culpepper seems to have hit his stride.

How can anybody hit their stride in this weather? Wow, all I feel like doing is eating and sleeping. I have quit running. It is too cold. When the weather gets raw, I immediately get a raw throat. It calmed down today, but man, I am thinking of Tucson.

October 15th

If we had a day like this in March...

...we would think it was beautiful. Melting snow! Warm winds! However, when weather like this comes in the fall, it is a rude slap in the face. Sleet, wet, wind, miserable. No work on the house today.

Had a fun day of teaching. A guest student arrived in World History. He is interested in Atilla the Hun, and he found out that we were covering that part of history today, so he showed up.

October 13th


The weather turned cold--tonight feels like it might freeze. The decline in temps was expected.

Several walls are framed up on the house already. I think I am going to kick myself for all of the exposed wood on the outside--it has to be gone over every few years. I wanted the look of real wood, but maybe I should have talked around a little bit. Oh well.

October 11th

More perfect weather

A busy Monday. Classes went pretty well. The World Civilization class is downright fun. The American Government class, which covers the topic I know the most about, sometimes is a struggle--since it is difficult to bring it down to the level of kids who have very little experience with government. I know they are trying to understand me, but I think I leave things out and in general I think I confuse them as much as anything.

October 10th

Change of direction

So, there won't be much Twins talk on this weblog for a while! Wow, what a disappointment. The Yankees were just too much. They pieced together enough starting pitching to win the series. You just aren't going to keep their bats quiet unless you can find a way to squeeze about 30 innings out of Santana.

I don't argue with any of Gardenhire's moves, although I wouldn't have put Nathan in with a tie game in game two. I would have put in Crain, even though he's young.

October 7th

The stars are out tonight!

Wow, I just got in from looking at the stars. I walked out to the highway. There is no moon. The Milky Way is shining. Plaeides is visible in the eastern sky, and just explodes into view when you hit it with the binocs. And, I can find Andromeda with no problem--a big flat green smudge.

A classic fall evening. Cool, but bearable. No mosquitoes. A distant roar of farm machinery. The slight breeze rustles the brittle leaves.

I spoke tonight to a sorority of teachers in Crookston. Very nice bunch. Much more lively than college students.

October 6th

A big uffda

Twins lose in 12, 7-6. Galling defeat. It will be a test of their character to see if they can come back from this. I think they will. They fought hard tonight and came back twice, but it wasn't enough. Gardenhire gambled by leaving Joe Nathan in too long. I think it was a mistake to bring him in with the game tied in the first place, but it just about worked.

So, back to Minnesota. I won't be reading the New York papers online tomorrow morning like I did this morning. It is only fun when the Twins win!