Archive - Jan 2005

Pipe Organs

Today, we will hear four pipe organs in Mexico City. There organs were built in the early 1700s. I just listened to the one in the cathedral. It has a unique sound, but it certainly isn´t overpowering. This evening, we will hear one which probably will be more impressive.

January 30th

Old Mexico

Today was a day of walking to several churches, two museums, and several other architectural wonders, including the Mexico City post office. It is difficult to sort out the highlights, except to say that I took about seventy pictures. Most of the pictures, however, were not of the sites but of people.

The Mexican kids are a bit shy about having their pictures taken, but once you take it they want to see it on the monitor. That was fun.

January 29th

A night on Constitution Square

I let the group go on without me tonight and sat in my room until my curiousity about what was going on outside got the best of me.

Across the street was a group of dancers, most young, doing a coordinated twirl to the beat of a set of drummers in the the middle. The drummers surrounded smoky incense fires. They were apparently doing an ancient Indian dance. The women had flowing clothes, although not all of the dancers were in traditional garb; the men were mostly shirtless with flowing belts.

The colors of Mexico City

At 7500 feet elevation, Mexico City takes your breath away. At that altitude, the colors are so very vivid--impossibly so. And what a city. The history is overwhelming. Today we visited the Castle of Monteczuma, of "from the halls of Monteczuma" fame. What a beautiful place, situated high on a hill in the center of Mexico City and now turned into a series of amazing museums which we raced through at breakneck pace.

My time on this computer is limited, so please forgive typos. I ain´t got time to edit.

January 28th

Mexico City

Greetings from the Holiday Inn on the main square of one of the biggest cities in the world--22 million people, according to our tour guide.

The Mexican keyboard is an exercise in frustration. The shift key is in a different spot, as are some of the letters, so I will do my best. Outside on the national square is some huge celebration with marching bands--we hope they don´t go too late in the night.

January 26th


Tomorrow I am leaving for a trip to Mexico. My plane flies out Friday morning. My apologies to weblog regulars--I don't know if I will be able to report from Mexico. I am not bringing my laptop because I can't imagine they would have an internet hookup anyway. So, the only possibility would be if we had an internet cafe near the hotel or something, which is actually quite likely. We'll see.

Crow's nest

Somewhere up there is the crow's nest. The boards on top of the big beams are temporary and are functioning as scaffolding. You can see where I started to scrub this particularly dirty beam.

January 25th

Crow's nest

Realizing one's dreams can sometimes be a little troubling. In the past two days, the windows on the prow of the Swamp Castle were installed and the floor of the crow's nest was built. For the first time, I climbed up into the crow's nest and looked at the view.

Well, I had built the thing so high that when you stand up, your head is above the window and you see nothing. I had sort of imagined surveying my domain with my guests, one hand on the railing, the other pointing off into the distance describing future projects.

Swamp Castle

The windows arrived yesterday morning, and by 9 a.m., they were going in.

January 24th

Heat wave

Was it beautiful today! Mid-twenties. Pretty still. Cloudy. Very pretty.

My phone rang early. It was a man from the log home company. He was at the house with the last windows for the high part of the prow. I ran over and helped him unload them. Jeff and Dean put them up later in the day and now I can see out the big windows.