Archive - Jan 1, 2005


Well, the radar looks sobering. Supposed to be many inches of snow today and tonight. The flight to Minneapolis is scheduled to leave at 6:40 tonight. I am putting our chances of getting out of Fargo at less than 50%! Oh, well. I have no reason to be in a hurry. I was going to write up this week's column ahead of time, but something tells me that the struggle to get to Tucson might provide some material. I can write about packed airports, or something.

New Year's Eve party

Brother Joe and I sang at the Fair Meadow nursing home New Year's Eve party today. It was nice to have the benefit of Joe's sound system; everybody seemed to hear better. We did a couple of Patsy Cline numbers, three Willie Nelson tunes, and Joe did Amazing Grace on the guitar. It ended up being about a half-an-hour.

Two more locals turned up in the home who don't seem old enough. One who is old enough is Alma, the last of the old neighbors. Alma is 92. She worked for the nursery for 40 years or so. She managed the greenhouse for Mom and Dad for several years.