Archive - Jan 11, 2005

Moss does it again

Ha. Randy Moss once again perturbed the stuffed shirts by pretending to moon Packer fans after a fourth quarter touchdown. Right away, the announcers and everybody else associated with the whole sordid production that is the NFL banded together to condemn Moss. Some suggested that he "needs counseling."

Yeah right. The NFL and FOX are shameless promoters of sex and violence and general tastelessness until somebody like Moss crosses an invisible line. Then they jump all over that person hoping that their indignance will give them some sort of moral standing.

Return to the cold

The trip from Tucson home occupied the better part of a day. The flight from Minneapolis to Fargo was delayed a couple of hours by an emergency exit light which burnt out. As I left the plane, I said to the pilot--all that wait for an exit light, and we didn't even use it! He wasn't amused.

The woodpile I left behind to heat the new partially insulated house was down to about a half-a-dozen cobs of wood. I came home just in time. Between interruptions, my day was spent getting some wood together. I will saw again tomorrow, as we have quite a cold spell coming on.