Archive - Jan 14, 2005


It was about -30 degrees when I went over to fire the wood stove at the house this morning. The MPR person called at 6:30 to tape an interview of sorts on burning wood. I wasn't too coherent. I suppose they will edit it if they use it--but in all likelihood they won't use it, which would be a relief.

My Ford Ranger has no block heater. Strange, since I bought it at a dealership up here. You'd think a block heater would be standard. However, at -30, it started right up. It can't be good for an engine to start in that kind of cold, but at least I was able to get moving.

A cold front and a bold front

Since I am now heating two houses with wood and Dad is heating one, I am cutting wood each day. The wood boiler for the new house must eat an oak tree every three days. It is really gobbling up the cobs.

Mid-day, I got an email from an MPR reporter who somehow knew I heated with wood. He said they were wanting to find people up north who heat with wood to interview tomorrow morning for Morning Edition. I said I would be willing, although my credentials as a woodsman are hardly sterling.