Archive - Jan 15, 2005

MPR gig

If any of you want to listen to the MPR clip this morning, it appears here. Look under "Regional Highlights" to a headline about some man chopping wood to keep his house warm.

Ha, what a joke. Me as a woodsman.

Poor saps

For some reason, reading the news today has made me say over and over: Poor sap.

Another soldier convicted and hung out to dry for prisoner abuse. Poor sap. There are hundreds of confirmed incidents of torture and abuse, and tacit approval was given from the highest officials. There is no indication that the policy of using Algerian water torture to extract confessions or information from captured prisoners has changed.

It isn't so bad if you dress right

I spent some time outside sawing wood. The stove continues to gobble it up. However, despite the double digit below temps, I felt pretty comfortable. I put on snowpants, a parka, and a Russian fur cap which I bought for brother Joe for Christmas, really wanting one myself. I kept pretty warm.

Sharpened the chain saw. A lot of the logs I am sawing up must be pretty dirty. They were shoved around quite a bit as we tried to get them out of the clearing. Our priority was not maintaining clean logs, but on getting that place cleared.