Archive - Jan 19, 2005


One day, when I am old enough, I would like to write a book of philosophy. The problem is, there is getting to be less to put in it all the time.

An ancient Buddhist sage was asked the meaning of life. He responded, "Cut wood, haul water."

That pretty much sums it up.

Ideologies, ideas, gadgets, notions, theories, grow up like weeds.

Weeding a garden amounts to a selective subtraction of most of the plants which germinate in the soil.

Warm up, with wind

The predicted warm-up happened overnight. By morning, temperatures were in the teens. However, the wind from the south whipped up. I was due at the welding shop in Crookston to pick up some steel rods which will suspend the crow's nest, but I just about turned around after getting out the driveway.

The south wind funnels through the field west of me making visibility pretty bad, worse, in fact, than out in the valley--so my trip to Crookston wasn't too rough. The roads were dry. Visibility was never a problem.