Archive - Jan 29, 2005

The colors of Mexico City

At 7500 feet elevation, Mexico City takes your breath away. At that altitude, the colors are so very vivid--impossibly so. And what a city. The history is overwhelming. Today we visited the Castle of Monteczuma, of "from the halls of Monteczuma" fame. What a beautiful place, situated high on a hill in the center of Mexico City and now turned into a series of amazing museums which we raced through at breakneck pace.

My time on this computer is limited, so please forgive typos. I ain´t got time to edit.

Mexico City

Greetings from the Holiday Inn on the main square of one of the biggest cities in the world--22 million people, according to our tour guide.

The Mexican keyboard is an exercise in frustration. The shift key is in a different spot, as are some of the letters, so I will do my best. Outside on the national square is some huge celebration with marching bands--we hope they don´t go too late in the night.