Archive - Jan 30, 2005

Old Mexico

Today was a day of walking to several churches, two museums, and several other architectural wonders, including the Mexico City post office. It is difficult to sort out the highlights, except to say that I took about seventy pictures. Most of the pictures, however, were not of the sites but of people.

The Mexican kids are a bit shy about having their pictures taken, but once you take it they want to see it on the monitor. That was fun.

A night on Constitution Square

I let the group go on without me tonight and sat in my room until my curiousity about what was going on outside got the best of me.

Across the street was a group of dancers, most young, doing a coordinated twirl to the beat of a set of drummers in the the middle. The drummers surrounded smoky incense fires. They were apparently doing an ancient Indian dance. The women had flowing clothes, although not all of the dancers were in traditional garb; the men were mostly shirtless with flowing belts.