Archive - Jan 6, 2005

More pics

At the Desert Museum, the zoo animals were contained in cave and canyon-like structures which looked quite real. When we got off the well-beaten path a bit, we found out that the rocks weren't exactly natural.

Below, a view from Gate's Pass, west of Tucson city, but still within the city limits. To the west is a less-populated valley.

Pictures of Tucson

Today, the weather got a little colder. I am at a Barnes and Noble where, for a ridiculous price, you can log on to wireless internet, which is ridiculously fast.

Here is a closeup of a saguaro cactus at the Desert Museum. Because of the recent ample moisture in Arizona, the cacti are all quite swollen. The corrugations of this saguaro are stretched to the maximum.

Desert Museum, Sushi

Despite the storms which are pummeling most of the country, including Arizona, today was a typical Tucson day. Sunny. Mid-sixties. Only gentle breezes, at least where we traveled.

We went first to Gate’s Pass, west of the city, a favorite place for locals to see the sunset. Tucson’s main drag, Speedway Drive, runs fifteen miles through the city and ends up climbing a small mountain range at the west end of town. At the stop is a viewing area with a parking lot and a place for climbing. The vista over the top of the range to the west is stunning.